Samafru is a young and innovative company dedicated to deep-freezing and distribution of fruit and vegetables. However, despite its youth, its products have conquered the world's most demanding markets: from the rigorous European market to the complicated and competitive North American market.

The success of Samafru is based on three factors:

  • The product quality.
  • The high technology used in the preparation of the products.
  • The human and professional quality of all the people who form this company.

This is how Samafru has become a leading company in the fresh and frozen food sector. It is our effort and dedication that make the alimentary solutions we offer contribute to nutrition, taste, health and comfort.

Finally, we can proudly say that what began as a modest project has become a reality. The objective has been achieved and nowadays we are the reference point for quality, guarantee and food safety and we have the confidence of millions of consumers in major European markets.