About our products

Samafru focuses on two areas: fresh and frozen food. Depending on the final destination of our products, we select the most suitable raw material on our production farms.

In southern Spain, in Almeria, one of the sunniest places in Europe, we grow vegetables in greenhouses where we can control factors such as humidity, temperature and light which affect the appearance, taste and quality of the product.

Thus begins the long chain of traceability; peppers, courgettes, aubergines and tomatoes are planted and grown in accordance with theĀ  current regulations of the European Union and according to international quality standards ISO 9001 and BRC.

The same happens with fruit which is grown in the area of Murcia, in south-eastern Spain. The fertility of this land together with its excellent weather conditions provides peaches, nectarines and apricots of optimal quality and ripening.

Once fruit and vegetables have been harvested, they are transported to our warehouse where they are sorted, washed and prepared according to their destination (fresh or frozen) always maintaining the organoleptic qualities of food.

In our desire to create new products, Samafru has developed a range of craft products. These products are prepared by hand, following the specifications and requirements of our customers and are marketed in both sectors fresh and frozen.

In Samafru we have been working for many years on a delicate project: making our customers and consumers enjoy high quality, tasty and nutritious products which contain all the guarantees of health, status and conservation.